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2017 Resonance of the subject in the dancing gesture, in :

Resonance in art.

Recueil d’articles, direction V. Jacob-Alby et A. Boissière, Saint-Denis : Éditions Universitaires Connaissances et Savoirs, Collection « Psycho Clinique », 2017.

The dancing gesture is born of formless matter experimented in a sensitive movement; it takes shape and produces an image from within. This image is different from a codified representation from the outside, as it is from a figuration that is transferred from the choreographer’s or the other dancer’s body language. The contemporary gesture is expressed between substance and form through a display of physicality, expressiveness and subjectivity. The dancing gesture phenomenon is born of sensitive matter, of feeling and of movement in rhythmical forms. Rhythmic crossing of the gesture: the poetic act is at the end of the hand, it touches the body in its entirety. The processes at work transmute into the subject’s corporeity. Resonance of the sensitive appears through the gesture whose singular expressiveness marks the identity of its author.

2010 The analysis of professional practices in institutions

Actes du colloque : Le travail institutionnel : un dispositif à déployer.

XIV° Journées nationales d’études, de recherche et de formation de l’AIRe (Association des ITEP et leurs Réseaux), Nîmes : Éditions Champ Social, 2010, pp.200-206.

2010 What insists in the act of dancing

Revue Insistance, n° 4, Toulouse : Éditions érès, 2010, pp. 67-74.

1999 The body image. From dance to therapy. 

Actes du colloque : La danse, une culture en mouvement. 

Centre de Recherches Européennes en Education Corporelle, 

Université Marc Bloch, Sciences Humaines, Strasbourg.


Doctoral thesis

2012 Transpulsionnalité revealed by the dancing gesture.

A metapsychological approach of the process of creation.

A dynamics for analytical cure.

Doctorat en Psychologie Pathologique et Clinique. 

Université Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, France.

Abstract :

As a process and a creative act, dance considered as a gesture puts psychoanalysis to the test of art. The proposed metapsychological conception defines a set of concepts at the same time operational in the process of creation, and in use in the construction of psychic life; it establishes a homothetic relationship between each of them. The present work alternates between the philosophical, the kinesthetic, the phenomenological thought of art and dance and the psychoanalytical conception of drive, of representative activity, of artistic creation. A new concept is inferred: transpulsionnalité. It links up two main ideas: that of a gesture which generates dancing, the dancing gesture as a matrix for any artistic gesture, and that of the crossing of psychic plans through the vehicle of impulsive energy. The gesture which produces a succession of gestures and the energy which crosses the psychic plans are at the origin of the creative act. From a vacant and absent state, the transpulsionnal process proceeds in stages. It engages rhythms, energy forms, elastic and plastic transformations through operations of chiasmus, reversibility, transmutation; it produces a transfer through psychic spaces. Transpulsionnalité is effective in economic, topographical and dynamic metapsychological dimensions. 

The study of fragments of analytical cure performed on two mediums ‑ dance and plastic arts ‑ shows the process at work in the transpulsionnal transport in the creative gesture. This research pinpoints the physical and psychic stakes inherent in a process of creation and establishes the relevance of this transpulsionnalité process as a tool in therapeutics.

Keywords: creation, dance, drive, gesture, metapsychology, psychoanalysis, therapeutics, transpulsionnalité, creative impulse


2015 Between photography and performance: gestures in resonance

Journée d’études Théâtre et photographie. Croisements, échanges, écarts autour de la performance, Université Lumière Lyon-2, 5 et 6 novembre 2015.

2009 The analysis of professional practices in institutions

Colloque Le travail institutionnel : un dispositif à déployer.

 XIV° Journées Nationales d’études, de recherche et de formation de l’AIRe, Toulon, 09, 10 et 11 décembre 2009.

2008 Questions to music and dance

Colloque Inconscient Droits Savoirs, Mouvement Insistance, Unesco, Paris, 20 et  21 novembre 2008.


2007 Dance and analytical psychotherapy.

Between body and word

Journée d’étude de la Société Française de Danse Thérapie, Paris.

2006 A series of conferences within the framework of the association ARTES MOVENDI, Strasbourg

La danse française des années 80. 

La danse contemporaine.

La danse-thérapie.

1999 The body image. From dance to therapy

Colloque : La danse, une culture en mouvement. Centre de Recherches Européennes 

en Éducation Corporelle, Université Marc Bloch Sciences Humaines, Strasbourg

1999 Body pattern and body image. Impact on a body practice

Rencontre Inter-FAS : L’activité physique et sportive en foyer de vie. Pourquoi ?, Bischwiller.

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