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Gesture is the foundation of the art of dance. In the dance action, and before any choreographed dance, the gesture is first born from the expressiveness that emanates from the moving body. The rhythmical and sensitive expressiveness of the body partakes in the dancing gesture even before the expression of danced gestures has emerged through the steps and figures that build the dance. Characterized by both sides of dancing and danced, the gesture is the bedrock of dance.

If the creative bodily experience provides a formless material to work with, construction appeals to the imagination and specific representations that belong to the dancers. The choreographic construction  develops a body language that constitutes a form of speech that meets otherness.

Various artistic forms arise from a creative action through which gesture is the expression of a body language per se. It is intertwined with the choreographic language and underlies the expression of an artistic creative act. Going through the creative gesture produces a singular language articulation where significant corporal-psychic issues are at stake. Consequently those issues become part of the history and also the identity of the subject.


Colette Mauri

The gesture of dance


Choreographer - Performer

Dancer and performer, Colette Mauri founded Artes Movendi in 1996, and

conducted research on the dance gesture generated by creativity.

As a contemporary dance teacher, she was trained in the Free Flowing Style of Isadora Duncan and Free Dance of François Malkovsky and in the Eurythmics of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. Her practice has been developing on the principles set by Rudolf Laban and on the creative improvisation of Mary Wigman. 

  Her work has been enriched through contact with choreographers of the Post-Modern Dance movement such as Steve Paxton and Mark Tompkins, of improvisation with JulyenHamilton, of African dance with Elsa Wolliaston, of Butoh with Carlotta Ikeda, and also through Odile Duboc, Hervé Diasnas et al.

A choreographer artist, her practice is based on Dance Improvisation which develops the gesture of dance born of each dancer’s singularity and on Performance which allows the combination of visual, sound and plastic elements resulting in transdisciplinary creations that involve the collaboration of musicians, visual artists, stage producers.


Bodily work through creative improvisation is a specific characteristic of the training courses and workshops including personalised one to one workshops on offer. These facilitate the quest for creativity that is unique to each dancer.

Dance Art Therapist - Psychologist

Creativity may become a process of personal change and transformation with the help of specific courses which can be delivered privately or in a group. When added to personal coaching, this creativity may become mediation to dance therapy.

Dance therapy and dance-improvisation allow personal development through experimentations with psycho-corporal mediations: movement, sound, visual object. This involves personal body expressiveness and freedom of expression and gives rise to representations of the body image, to individual gestural language and to singular identity of corporeality.

As a Dance Art therapist, psychologist and psychoanalyst, Colette Mauri works in various fields:

- Artistic training

- Dance Art therapy training 

- Health care and social welfare 

- Psychiatry and Disability

- Education

As a doctor of psychopathology her research focuses on therapeutic psycho-corporal mediations and on the creative dancing gesture.
She was a lecturer on “Unconscious Body Image and Plastic and Body Creative Mediation Psychotherapies”, in Master 1 at the Faculty of Psychology in Strasbourg, France, from 1988 to 1996. 

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