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Creative Contemporary Dance and Bodywork Courses

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Updated 3 September 2022


To discover a free, expressive, unconstrained dance, full of sensations.

To get back in shape and experience physical well-being and its regenerative effects.


2022 - 2023

- Saturday 24 September, 15 October, 26 November 2022

- Saturday 14 January, 4 February, 4 March, 1st April, 3 June, 1st July 2023


La Rencontre, 20 rue de la Charité, Strasbourg - Neudorf


afternoon: 2 pm - 6 pm

Creative Dance

Contemporary Dance

Body Techniques

Creative Dance Thought, Gesture, Word

Experiential workshop of psycho-corporal expression which constitutes an in-depth

approach aiming at the evolution of the self through the use of the body,

its images and representations.

A body language specific to each person is expressed in spontaneous movements,

gestures drawn in space, traces and forms, images and representations

of the body experience.

The dancing gesture shows, indicates, designates what is still to be thought,

what is to be named.

Sessions include speaking time for an elaboration of the actual experience.

They give rise to questions about the body and its image, about creativity

and its therapeutic effects.

Contemporary Dance

Dance in small groups of all levels, which allows to develop one’s own movement based on body sensation.

The technical approach of the movement aims at the placement of the body with its anchoring and orientation in space, coordination, rhythm, breathing.

The movements are taken up in sequences that are danced to a wide variety of music.

Body Techniques

The proposed movement training consists of several body techniques such as Mézières, Alexander, Pilates...

They complement each other by targeting muscle strengthening and joint flexibility on one hand, and work on the back and body maintenance on the other.

The proposed techniques include toning and stretching movements, postures held and coordinated with breathing, but also active relaxation and recreation times.

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